Euroengel Professional Heavy Duty Range

Professional Portable Compressor Fridge/Freezers

Formerly adopted as part of the Waeco Coolfreeze range, these professional units are now being sourced direct from Euroengel.  All units can be used for refrigeration or freezing with a minimum temperature of -21°C for the 140 and 330 litre and -24°C for 22, 32, 56 and 82 litre.

Waeco CoolFreeze T0022 Waeco CoolFreeze T0032 Waeco CoolFreeze T0056 Waeco CoolFreeze T0082
22 litre 32 litre 56 litre 82 litre
T0022 FDN T0032 FDN T0056 FDN T0082 FDN
Euroengel F0140  Euroengel F0330 FDN 
140 litre 330 litre
F0140 FDN F0330 FDN