CoolFreeze 85 Litre Compressor Fridge/Freezer CFX-95-DZ2

CoolFreeze Portable Freezer CFX-95-DZ2Energy class A+ and freezer temperatures down to –22°C: available for mobile use for the very first time!  With its WAECO CoolFreeze CFX 95 DZ2, the refrigeration specialist Dometic WAECO is once again proving how milestones are made. Its specially-developed high performance compressor and extra strong insulation have, once again, allowed the energy consumption to be reduced by up to 35% compared to its predecessors. This hi-tech unit harbours visual surprises with heavy-duty details: Reinforced corners, stainless steel hinges and a robust lid lining ensures it can withstand the most demanding loads.

The CFX series is equipped with special electronics which start up the compressor gently while saving energy.  If the preset temperature is not reached within a short period of time, or a temperature below –12°C has been set, the turbo cooler switches on automatically to boost the compressor speed.  As soon as the set temperature is reached, the CFX special electronics switch back to energy-saving mode.

The CoolFreeze CFX 95 DZ2 has two compartments for cooling and deep-freezing with separate controls. The desired temperature can be accurately set to any level between +10°C and -22°C. Both compartments have their own separate lid to minimise cooling loss when the box is opened. A definite highlight of the new CFX 95 DZ2 is the option to set and check the temperature via a convenient smartphone app (iOS and Android), which provides optimal protection for sensitive food products.


Manufactured by Waeco.
Capacity 85 litres (50.5 + 34.5 litres).
Intelligent, automatic turbo cooler.
3-stage integrated low battery voltage protection, set using the digital display.
4-digit digital display (Celsius or Fahrenheit).
Inside temperature control: from +10°C to -22°C variable by electronic thermostat.
Each compartment can be used as a fridge or deep freezer.
Operating status and error display.
Memory function for storing set values.
Vertical space for upright 2 litre bottles.
Voltage 12/24V DC, 110-240V AC with automatic switchover to mains if present.
Supplied with lead for connection to standard car cigarette lighter socket.
Supplied with lead for connection to UK mains outlet.
Extremely high performance.
Minimal energy consumption - approx. 15 watts average @ 5°C.
Extremely quiet running.
Insensitivity to inclined positions.
Soft-touch operating panel with hard-wearing membrane keyboard.
Secure locking mechanism.
Sturdy, detachable carrying handles.
LED interior light.
3 removable wire baskets.
Detachable and reversible lids.
Detachable carrying handles.
Waeco Portable FreezersVery robust with injection moulded parts and stainless steel hinge.
Colour: dark/pale grey.
External dimensions (w x h x d) 957 x 472 x 530mm (approx).
Internal dimensions - see right.
Weight 32Kg.
Uses the latest compressor technology.

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