KubbAs an ancient Scandinavian game, KUBB is thought to have originated over 1000 years ago.  Legend has it the Vikings used to while away hours on end playing the game during the long light evenings of the northern summers.

Players throw their Batons to knock over their opponent's 5 Kubbs before they can attempt to knock over the King.  Any Kubbs knocked down are added to the first player's half of the playing field for the opposing team to knock down prior to their initial 5 Baseline Kubbs and then finally the King.  Knock down the King by mistake and you have lost the game!

The game can be played by individuals or in two teams of up to 6 players and is best played in a space of at least 6m x 4m.


Made from varnished solid beech wood for durability.
1 x King with painted red crown.
10 x Kubbs.
6 x Batons.
4 x Corner Markers.
Packed in a zip fastening green canvas carry bag.

In stock.

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