Giant Pick Up Sticks

Giant Pick-up SticksGiant Pick-up sticks set is a fantastically fun version of the smaller table top game.  Each giant stick measures 3 foot long (90cm) and 2cm in diameter and there are thirty pickup sticks in total.

The Pick-up Sticks are produced from a strong hardwood and painted in Black, Green, Yellow, Blue and Red and have tapered and rounded ends that make them safe, fun and long lasting.

Each colour is awarded a different point's score for pulling or lifting them from the pile without disturbing the rest of the pile.

Points are lost if a disturbance is seen and the player taking the stick has to drop the Pick-up stick and miss that go.

The winner is the person with the most points or simply the most sticks at the end of the game.

Giant Pick-up Sticks is a great event and a wonderful way to break the ice at any party.

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