Cannonball Drop

Cannon Ball DropCannonball drop is based on the great table top game of Kerplunk but blown up to 92.5 cm in height, making this a giant castle of fun. This truly giant garden game makes a great feature that is great for any social occasion.

The game comes in four colourful castle inspired sections made of sturdy plastic, which slot down inside each other for easy storage.

The game is so easy to play, players simply take it in turns to remove straws from the tower, with the aim being to knock down as few balls with each straw removal.  The player with the least number of cannon balls when all the straws are removed is the winner.

If you wish to make the game a little more challenging the players can each choose a colour of straw and then on their go they can only remove that particular coloured straw.

Cannon ball drop is a brilliant family game, easy to setup and even easier to play.  It's striking design and sturdy construction makes it the perfect game for the garden.  Then when all the fun is over, the whole game packs down inside itself so that it can be stored with ease.

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