Sandford Family Croquet Set

Sandford Family Croquet SetThe Sandford Family croquet set has two adult sized mallets and two cheerfully painted children's mallets that are smaller, lighter and easy for a child to handle.  However having different sized mallets in one four player set is not uncommon the real difference in our brilliant family set are the balls!!

Two 12oz wooden croquet balls and two child sized smaller balls. this small change means that with the standard sized powder coated steel hoops everyone can enjoy a brilliant game of croquet. The adult players can play their normal challenging game while the children have an easier run at the hoops which are larger when compared to the smaller balls. making it a more fun game all round.

Every family needs to spend more quality time together and here is a fantastic croquet set that will bring joy to you all!


2 x Oval spliced wooden shaft, hardwood head mallets with a leather bound grip 37½ inches in length.
2 x Wooden children's croquet mallets with Red and Blue painted heads and fabric grips for comfort. Each mallet is 31 inches in length.
2 x 12oz painted wooden "adult" croquet balls in Yellow and Black.
2 x 6.05oz painted wooden "children's" croquet balls in Blue and Red (to match the Smaller mallets).
6 x Hoops (wickets) 4 white topped and one each of red and blue topped hoops.
4 x Plastic croquet clips.
1 x Hardwood painted winning post.
All packed in a zip fastening nylon bag, with shoulder strap for portability.

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