How to Play Croquet

Croquet is a game of tactics.  The rules are relatively simple to learn but can take a lot of skill to master.

The key to success is to progress your own ball(s) through the hoops, whilst at the same time, causing your opponent(s) as much inconvenience as possible.

The traditional game of Association Croquet is played with four balls.  One team takes black and blue, the other red and yellow.  A team can be one or two players.

The court is laid out with 6 hoops and a winning post.  The object is to run both your teams balls through each hoop in turn, and then back again before finally hitting the winning post.  A point is scored for each hoop correctly passed through and also for hitting the winning post.  Thus the winning team would score 26 points.

Each player takes a single stroke in their turn.  An extra stroke can be taken if the ball passes through the next hoop in sequence.

If a player's ball collides with another ball then the player may reposition his own ball against the ball hit and take a shot to move both balls to gain maximum advantage (either by disrupting play for the opposition, or by helping ones team mate out).  This shot is termed a "croquet".  The player can take one further stroke after the croquet but cannot collide with the same ball again within the same turn unless the next hoop in sequence has been passed through first.