Mini Fridge Comparison

With the emergence of new technologies, the range of small cooling products has increased dramatically over the last few years, to such an extent that choosing between the different types is a little daunting to say the least.

Help is at hand however, with our unbiased comparison of the products we offer.  We discuss each range in turn and give information on the applications they are suitable, or not suitable for, and the reasons why.

To view further product information on a range, just click on the appropriate image.

Tropicool Thermoelectric Cool boxes

Thermoelectric CoolboxThese are quite simply the best thermoelectric cool boxes on the market that we know of.  Sourced from Waeco in Germany ("vorsprung durch technic" and all that!) they are capable of cooling down to as much as 30°C below the ambient temperature enabling their use in climates of up to 35°C.  All models can be operated from a 12V car cigarette lighter socket or the mains so you don't need to unload the unit when you get back to base.

Ideal for camping, shopping, picnics etc.  They are very durable being made from injection moulded parts (i.e. strong plastic).

Budget Thermoelectric Cool boxes

Electric CoolboxesA budget range of thermoelectric cool boxes.  This doesn't have to mean compromise however, as the units, like our Tropicool range above, are manufactured by Waeco in Germany to the highest standards.  The main difference in specification from the Tropicool range is that the budget range has a maximum cool down temperature of 20°C below ambient (suitable for climates up to a maximum of 25°C).  This is fine for use in the UK, but not to the south of France for example, where the Tropicool range would be a much better choice.

Thermoelectric Coolbags

Electric Cool BagsMade by Mobicool, the manufacturing arm of Waeco, these units are very light (from 2.3Kg) and can be flattened for easy transport.  As they are lightweight, they can only cool to 15°C below ambient and should therefore only be used for the longer term storage of fresh food (meat, cheese etc.) in a cool or air conditioned environment (below 23°C).  Nevertheless, when used within their working limits, they are very useful because a) they are the lightest electric cooler on the market, and b) they fold relatively flat when not in use.

They are ideal for taking away on holiday for use in a hotel room to keep drinks and snacks cool, or for keeping in the car should you get the urge to shop for fresh food items a little further from home than usual.  The mains versions have universal voltage adaptors suitable for use worldwide (though a travel adaptor plug is still required).

CoolFreeze Compressor Cool Boxes

Portable FreezerLike the Tropicool Thermoelectric products above, these units are also sourced from Waeco.  They use specially developed miniaturised compressor technology for weight reduction.  The major advantage over Thermoelectric units is pure cooling power.  These units can DEEP FREEZE down to -18°C if required.  The temperature is continuously variable and can be set anywhere between +5°C (fridge) and -18°C (deep freezer).

These units are ideal for long haul trips, although they don't have separate fridge/freezer compartments.  However, if a mixture of chilled/frozen foods need to be transported, a selected temperature somewhere around 0°C will keep chilled food cool, whilst keeping deep frozen food well frozen for several hours.